Movies About Geniuses and Talents

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Not everyone is gifted of talents and intelligence that they aim for. That is why it’s very amazing that they made a movie out of those geniuses and artists that can invent and inspire other people with their works. If you want to be amazed as well, here are some of the movies that you might want to consider watching and see their stories how they became that way.

Geniuses From A Movie

  • Bad Genius – we all know how hard it is to survive school, but what if a single student offered a way for you to be able to get higher grades? That is what they offered at first, until they came to the point that they will also cheat a college admission test. Would they continue, or confess?
  • Little Man Tate – it’s very amazing to see a kid who is genius, but, then again, his family is not the best environment for him to use his talents because his mother is not looking after him properly

  • A Beautiful Mind – These math geniuses will really blow you off your mind as they use their skills to be able to accomplish what they need and get off from their opponent.